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quick first ideas for the structure for the animatic. The last sketch has some ideas for the colours

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Then we shorted the animatic and split it into 5 parts for each of us to sketch out. As well will be the parts we will animate in the final animation. However there is not yet a final design for the main character only a few outlines like she is black, has short hair, wears both a scarf and skirt (shirt/coat is undecided). My part is the start of the animatic and each part is around 15-25 seconds.



Presentation and further development of final idea (bubble)


IMG_20170504_230118IMG_20170504_230132At the top is a link to our group presentation, we presented all of our 3 ideas then bubble was chosen as final idea. We have come up with some further development for the bubble idea with theses notes and some more feedback. Next working on the animatic for bubble

Lip sync videos

There is some acting in there action (especially the Lady’s actions, like when she looks away thinking during the pause). The scene is a calm dine out at a fancy restaurant so they don’t make any sudden movements or fighting. I tried giving her some attitude at the end because she turns the conversation and kinda wins it, as well her design already was given some attitude too.

bk-full-2 the background has different levels to it but the main part of the animation takes place in the centre so it can be more likely see even if it’s cut off or re-sized. She will also move across the centre of the background too making it easier to animated within the box.

Final Background