My part to the final animation

My part is the introduce to the animation. I added the title of the animatic and a look at where the main character is to help set the scene. I tried with the messaging on the phone to try and establish the story as well as her relationship with her girlfriend (who is seen at the very end).


Final backgrounds and character design

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The backgrounds will be a dulled but light purples and whites. The character design will the design above but in each of our styles. The chosen colours are the ones will use but again with some influence of our own styles. The colours and same character design help bring our parts together more.

Animatic 2

This animatic helped us get a better idea of how long the final will be and a closer idea to how the final might look. As well as how well each of our part fit together, I think they do pretty well but we might need something else that keeps the parts connected.

Some character designs and research

character test.jpg

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The character designs are inspired by the outlines as a group were decided but not much idea as the colours of her outfit or background or other background people. Only that the outfit should not be the same colours as the background. The background people should have a lot less detail than the main character and less colour than her. The research is taking in the London underground during rush hour on my phone. The poses and amount of crowding on these trains is important to how the train looks towards the end of the animatic when it becomes extremely busy.


The finished animatic we put together and each sketched a part of. Looking at this though the bubble does link the parts but I do think so will a similar looking character in each part. Maybe the parts could have the same or different colours or the background and character have different colours.